Assignment 4: Manipulatives 3D

3D Manipulative

A 3D printing that can be used in my classroom, would be a figure of what water looks like as it solidifies. This is great manipulative for teaching students the different states of water, although it is easy to show ice melt into liquid and evaporate into gas, its solidification takes longer and is more difficult to show students the process. Thus this printing would show them what the process looks like under microscope.


3D Printing

The American Library Association (ALA) list U.S. libraries that have free 3D printing, however, actually finding one is difficult. The Rancho Cucamonga Libraries have 3D printers, but state that they only offer free 3D printing when members take a technology class about 3D printing. The class is also not consistently offered, and not all librarians and library staff are well educated about what they offer.

One local 3D printer is Deezmaker 3D Printers & Makerspace, located in San Dimas, CA. There 3D printing services explain that the products max build volume is 12″x 10″x 24″ with FDM, the materials they offer are PLA, PETG, ABS & Nylon, in a basic colors. Thier setup cost (per plate) is $15 for PLA, $25 ABS, PETG & Nylon, and their volume cost for  PLA is $.75 per/cm³, while ABS, PETG, Nylon is $1.00 per/cm³. The  turn around time is normally 1-3 day, but can be rushed for a fee.




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